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@ miguel cervantes:

in the worms of Bud Dolan,

Miggy's Farm

Well, I wake up in the morning
Fold my hands and pray for rain
List'ning to a head full of ideas
That are drivin' me insane

You keep jumping the shark on a hot tin roof.

None of that crap means anything you just cited is central, pertinent or cogent.

That we consistently had bad choices to make and consistently made them badly is no reason not to re-evaluate our depth of support or strength of commitment.

@ miguel cervantes:that was some authentic Iberian gibberish, mickey.

people's positions on iraq changed with finding out that we had been lied to by the government and with the reporting of the facts about just how utterly inept was our effort at occupation.
additionally, going to Iraq and finding out how repugnant the members of the "new" Iraqi government were and how repugnant most of our soldiers found the Iraqi people to be, forced some rethinking.

That's not forgetting, that's learning.

@ miguel cervantes:

I don't remember anything about Beinart being against the war in Iraq and know for a fact that he was a strong supporter of the invasion.
Beinart's foreign policy ideas, as far as I know, call for a large US presence and a full-throated advocacy of democracy around the globe.

@ CK MacLeod: Beside funny and scary, it's also plain ignorant.
People don't know that traditional beat reporters used to sit together in "press rooms" during the day and bar rooms half the night and talk the same type of stuff?

@ CK MacLeod:
Ut's more than just stupid, the guy is just another dude trying to equate lack of support for whatever Netanyahu's government attempts with opposition to Israel or America's alliance with it.

J Street, Ackerman and Yglesias are all Zionists and describe themselves as such.

@ miguel cervantes:

Truly horribly uninformed garbage and propaganda from Ben David

@ miguel cervantes: You should get a shilling every time you're impressed... as well as grog and a flogging and such.

@ CK MacLeod:

Try reading his piece from Feb 2009 when he reported that Gen Petraeus, along with co-cabalists Odierno and Keane, had, in a frenzy of usurpation, forced Obama to abandon his plan to withdraw the combat troops from Iraq by Sept 1, 2010 and instead the war would be intensified.

Porter writes for something called Interplanetary (?) PressService.

@ miguel cervantes:
sit, man, ask MacLeod who he most oft pummeled and deleted when the blog was young and the living easy.

@ CK MacLeod:

dammit, you and Sully pushed each other into adopting stances that were more pose than not.
and besides being fun, Sully usually is what passes for a grown-up around here.

@ CK MacLeod:
Geoffrey Britain. The guy who thinks, and repeats often, that Neville Chamberlain was a leftist.

@ CK MacLeod:Of course it's justified!
They put up a post from Gareth Porter and I said that he was a genocide denier, liar and flak for the Khmer Rouge.
What else could they do with an unreasonable animal such as myself.
I linked to his book about Cambodia
and mentioned his notorious denial of the Hue Massacre as well!

Since there is no way to deny that he said the stuff (which he repeated in front of the US Congress more than year after publication of the book),
and no way to defend his lies,
what else could they do but administer a severe rebuke to me?

@ CK MacLeod:
you won't today see any comments from me there that are not in my own threads. they're now being deleted by Monsieur Rick the administrator.

@ CK MacLeod:am presently up to my neck in the other set of insane bigots thinking that they're some sort of morally upright beings worthy of being called progressives. 24 or 48 hours ought to be sufficient for them to give up the pretense of allowing discussion.

one of the main socksuppers.

@ narciso:

I'll have you know that I may reluctantly attempt a civil conversation, but I miss having more people around spewing disgusting and not really sane nonsense.
It was good to see a brief reappearance from Howard.

narciso wrote:

those who turn children into living bombs, and those who empower them to do so. Imam Rauf is more on that side of the line

dammit, that's just horsehockey flambe and it don't just half-stink.

how the hell do you empower somebody to turn out suicide bombers, narc?
don't you have to act to help in some way, or to say it's a good idea ?
any evidence about Rauf?

what has Rauf done to help suicide bombers that you haven't?

@ narciso:
don't be imputing much honor or morality to Guiliani. it's a waste of energy.

@ CK MacLeod:
Rudy Guiliani's was just fine in not accepting that money and accepting the money would not have been.

There's no reason to link that with building Corboda House and Zoltan shouldn't be attempting to equate the two things.