Comments on Either/or vs both/and (JRub strikes again) by Ill Papa Fuster

thank you , gents, for pointing me in the approximate direction.

can't say as I agree with the guy. NRO is a hell of a lot saner than some other blogs.

there used to be one that was composed mostly of posts from Rubin, Greenwald, Pollak, and Kerchick.

there was one that used to crack me up from a lady in Texas named Melissa Clouthier, called herself a doctor. that one was dumber than cow kisses.

miguel cervantes wrote:

WE don’t really want to gauge Weiner’s track record or credbility do we , Frog

If that's a typo and you mean Wehner, hell no we don't. He's about good enough to work as a shill for a shill.

If it's not a typo, I'm not familiar with the guy.

@ miguel cervantes:

The problem I'm trying to avoid is in getting you to calm down enough to supply straight answers to straight questions and requests to back up stuff....

You write this, and I ask you to show some examples of our media praising that stuff.

Actually it has to do exactly how Deobandi and Wahhabi activism is ‘laundered’ or even praised by the media

You give me something that's two blocks over and half an island off ... and then you're off on another tangent.

My friend, you got a whole lot of interesting stuff to contribute, but maybe you should stop all the exaggeration and build your cases the way that you were taught.

brick by plodding brick until you've laid a solid foundation.

castles in the air are fine for speculation but you can't expect real humans to try to join you in inhabiting these vaporous domains. they don't hold the weight of company and don't last long with wear.

give us well-fired bricks and let's see what we can construct.

@ miguel cervantes:
that's six pages of sorrow for a little boy who grew up to be a bright guy and went wrong combined with the idea that the sentence he received was excessive.

there's not a drop of sympathy in it for terrorism.

how can you read so much so well and come away with "reeks of understanding"?

@ miguel cervantes: was there something in that link that didn't show the mainstream media condemning the militants?

@ miguel cervantes:

please produce some examples of praise for Deobandi and Wahhabi activism by our media. I've not noticed any from any mainstream media source.

oceanaris wrote:

yes, there is a disconnect with reality that runs like a thread through the modern history of the Ummah.

there's also a disconnect with reality that runs like a thread through your head.
there are millions of ignorant and angry people among the billions on the planet.

there are millions of the angry and ignorant in America. I don't condemn this entire nation because of you and some other pop-eyed, symbologism-swilling small-enders.

J-Bone wrote:

Fuster, you have to be kidding when you say there is no intense reaction in New York.

not kidding at all. the plaints of a tiny minority may be loud and may be noted but lack intensity in a notably large and largely loud city.

miguel cervantes wrote:

From your horsehockey link...

after some history that ended more than three centuries back,
the first damn sentence is

Symbolism is paramount within the modern Muslim world

right there you should stop reading. when the first line of an argument is utter crap, j u s t stop

@ miguel cervantes:

I didn't vote for either Nixon or Obama.

sue me.

@ J-Bone:

where do you live? there's no intense reaction in NYC. we're as grumpy and self-involved as ever and most everyone who has an opinion about Cordoba House is for it.

50,000 opposed out of 10,000,000......or something.

@ narciso: Happily, my old enemy Sonny Carson has shuffled off, narc, and is riling Brooklyn no more.