Comments on On the other side of zero by miguel cervantes

Like I was trying to explain seemingly a life time ago, about a few threads away. The neocons forward policy, evolved over time, in confrontation with Soviet and Arab forces, for the former read
Vinik's "On the Brink" about the background of Perle, Wolfowitz in the early days. The latter broke with supporting only the OSOB's Marcos, Pinochet, even strong reproach to Suharto. Feith, was one of those
who realized the dangers of what Iraq would do, a dozen years before
the Gulf War

Only if I was auditing Mearsheimer's course at the University of Chicago

You surprise me again, I know the flogging. You know I don't wish to be right about this situation, I don't think Sarah does either, it would
mean, what Peter King, another critic who once speculated about another attack in fiction, 'A vale of tears'. I fear that I am, and much like with the now inevitable countdown to 9/11, it seems unlikely that it will be stopped

He's a cynic on some of these things,George, but it's a wonder how far he takes it sometimes. He can't be as possibly as he pretends to be, to as mean and disrespectful at others

You know I take no pleasure in the fact that Times Square, the PATH,
Herald Square, JFK, the end point of the TAP plot, just off the top of my head could have occurred, yet it is a bitter reality, these things are
foolishly amateurish, until they succeed, then people will overreact

Seriously Stanley, does it not gall you that almost nine years to the day, the mayor acts like this attack was no big deal, that the grounds
of the site, are still mostly empty, yet someone who rationalizes the attack on foreign policy grounds, who has hired persons who have denied the nature of the perpetrators of the atrocity

We still keep finding bodies in and around Ground zero, we didn't invent the term, Hiroshima was in part a military target, like the Philadelphia Navy Yard,this was a direct unprovoked murder of civilians, because of who they were

Well don'r blame us, blame the local authorities who have hemmed and hawed on the building of the Freedom Tower, where there's a vacuum
it will be filled, the IFC tried to do with a catalog of American iniquities
but that was squashed. The Salafi around the Cordoba Initiative and
their 'useful idiots' like Armstrong, sought to fill the gap.