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@ George Jochnowitz:
I wasn't asking you about who was responsible for the collateral victims of American and Israeli actions. You were unwilling to assume that fuster was adequately anti-terror, because you hadn't noticed him attacking terrorists with what you felt to be sufficient fervor. Why on the same basis should anyone assume that you care about victims you yourself define as "innocent," when you never say you are?

Here's the result of a search at the Mother Jones (about as representatively traditional leftist progressive feminist as you can get) on "honor killing":
same for Talkleft
here's Mother Jones items on (slightly more difficult to search for) Iran's executions of homosexuals
If you have more details on the murders of gays by Palestinians, we can see whether or not the story was covered at these and other leftist sites.

But, quite beyond questions of accuracy, "The Left licks Islamic Ass" is obviously intentionally foul.

How would you feel about the statement "The Right licks Jewish ass"? About someone who said it, intending to be provocative?

Plus the frog has frequently commented against Hamas, and it seems to me that when it comes to AQ and the Taliban, he may even be bloodthirstier than the dear departed JED. He can correct me if I'm wrong about that.

@ George Jochnowitz:
Come to think of it, George, maybe I missed it, but I don't recall the sight of your tears for the "collateral victims" of American or Israeli actions against or in theoretical pre-emption of terror either.

"The Left licks Islamic ass" is beneath you.

J-Bone wrote:

There may be reasons why this delay has gone on for nine years, but none of them have ever been particularly satisfying.

...we can't get started, until we've stepped off the spot... we can't step off the spot, until we get started.

people who kill people,
are the offensivest people
in the world.