Comments on On the other side of zero by Fuster

@ George Jochnowitz:

George, this may seem somewhat obvious, but you're not really well-informed about what the left thinks.

Few people or orgs other than leftist gay-rights organizations ever mention Iran's executions of homosexuals.

@ CK MacLeod: The Frog can not claim to a greater thirst than that of JED. I know not her capacity, but I'm pretty much quite happy to see the asses blown off hardcore AQ members, and unless I miss my guess, US troops are likely to soon be granted greater access to parts of Pakistan.

@ J-Bone:

You're quite right about Yankee fans and diversity. I know a Yankee fan (neighbor and friend of the family) that was a very early advocate and outright public cheerleader for Rudy.

The guy wrote a pretty good biography of him

@ George Jochnowitz: Dear George. I do not like terrorists. They are bad people. i think that killing people because you are offended that they do not share a similar conception of the universe is very, very not nice.

@ George Jochnowitz:George, you might never have heard me say anything bad about people who rape and kill women, children and household pets. It doesn't mean that I approve of such people, George.

@ miguel cervantes:and until then, you'll overreact.

afterward, you overoverreact,

@ miguel cervantes:
It seriously galls me that you're spewing crap about how the Mayor (or others) feels, thinks or acts.

This is my town, I knew one or two people who died that day, and you're out to lunch.

@ miguel cervantes: You're perhaps mistaken, rather than merely nuts, I hope, in saying that we're finding bodies.

and if the Carp can induce Guiliani to instead haunt their stadium,Yankee fans will be most gratified.