@ CK MacLeod:
How would I feel about "The Right licks Jewish ass"? I would feel: If only it were so. If only Old Bush had allowed Israel to have the codes necessary to retaliate against Iraq's use of SCUDs against Israel-- If only Young Bush had not joined with France to stop Israel's attempt to destroy Hezbollah-- If only Eisenhower hadn't enforced an arms embargo against Israel during his entire presidency--
If only these things had happened, maybe Israel would not be the most hated country on earth.

The Left really and truly does lick Islamic ass. Feminist leftists will not speak against honor murders in Islamic countries. Leftists gay-rights actrivists will not speak against the executions of homosexuals in Iran and the murders of homosexuals by Palestinians that cause gays to ask for political asylum in Israel.

@ CK MacLeod:
There is a difference between collateral victims and victims who are killed because the perpetrators believe that killing is beautiful. War is hell, and there are always innocent victims. Starting a war is hellish in a way that fighting to defend yourself isn't.
Who was responsible for the deaths of all the innocent Germans who died in the bombings of Hamburg and Dresden? Hitler was.

Dear Fuster,
Thank you.

@ Fuster:
I can't remember any discussions on Zombie about raping and killing women, children and household pets. However, there have often been discussions about terrorism. Even in your latest post, since the issue has come up, you don't say anything bad about terrorists. What are you afraid of?
The Left licks Islamic ass.

@ Fuster:
You sound as if you're on the side of the 9/11 perpetrators. I don't believe that you are. Far from it. But you can't ever say anything bad about terrorists. Why not? It makes no sense.