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Frankly, NRO has become thin gruel with exceptions like Steyn, Nordlinger and McCarthy. Commentary probably made me the only Latin
Catholic neocon around these parts. I saw the whole scam around the
Clinton machine, due to the Spectator.

Riehl and Clouthier had some issues with some of the steps that Palin had taken via the TPX, but they seem to have come back on board

Yes 'I'm a wild and crazy guy', She not Weiner was right about McGuiness who has been to sculpt the truth with fragrant disregard
on a number of occasion, most recently during the book tour, and previously the Portfolio profile of the AGIA line

He's apparently like you, Frog, but without the sense of humor

I was being a little sarcastic, CK, as we've found out with CAIR and ISNA and a whole host of organizations, at the very least they have been unhelpful in the last 20 years, in differentiating the Salafi from the mainstream, always looking out for the 'backlash from Tomorrow's
bombing' but not so much at the forces that generate that act now.

Century after century of occupation, even with the contributions like
with the Romans, in "Life of Brian"

WE don't really want to gauge Weiner's track record or credbility do we , Frog

Yes, it was reclaimed in the force of the Great Backlash that was the Reconquista, seven centuries later, whose force carried over to the
Conquests in the New World, for at least a century .I assume an Aztec or Mayan temple.

So Abdel Rahman had to wait a while to build his mosque, how about Hagia Sophia, or Matthias Church or a whole host of other examples

Well you sound more like Quellist Kate, and Voodoo Bob, then the other
sober Zombies of late, You've been hanging in Raccoon City too long
my frem

Points were raised about some of his affiliations, starting about three months, (It's felt like three years) with the Lappen piece, Geller and McCarthy and some of the usual personages dropped in, you dismissed
them, you chose to bring every up rotten things that has occurred in Christendom since around AD 300, leave out any possible context for these events, but you insist on them when it comes to Islam, specially when we are focusing of mostly Hambali and Salafi traits of that faith.

Much as with you abetting the poisonous and outright fraudulent characterization of the tea party, you chose to attack when Sarah
raised some of these same questions, more out of sorrow, than
triumphalism.Gingrich followed suit (I really don't hold in good repute
anymore, because of his past record) You have driven most of the people who used to populate this blog away, now that is your right, this is your place. Rubin is not an intemporate person, but she has justifiable concerns, as do most of those affiliated with the Blog
from where this derived

THe Puurto Rican lad who they caught some weeks ago, Padilla well that's his 'slave name', the son of a halal butcher, who sounds suspiciously like REx Reed now, the Jihad Jane and company, it forms
a pattern

It does suggest the problem we are trying to avoid, well meaning people, turned to facilitate evil, through a whole network designed
to impart said lessons

The whole story reeks with understanding for the subject

The GSFC now AQAM, have been murdering folk since 1992, much like
Gamaa Islamiya where Zawahiri is from, they didn't need any prompting
to join AQ.

Examples included here of Whitlock and Waldman

Actually it has to do exactly how Deobandi and Wahhabi activism is 'laundered' or even praised by the media. Aulaqi condemned 9/11
all the while offering his acolytes, the prospects of joyful bliss that martyrs would experience. It is almost impossible for CI associate
Karen Armstrong to acknowledge the martial streak in Islam, it is mentioned but almost in passing, whereas Christianity is the real thread, they are likely to go off on Carolingean jihads at a moments

I was pointing out the seeming inplausibility of the events described, now one of these was facilitated by the Levick Group's pressure campaign to release Gitmo detainees, including two who already had strong propensity to return to the Jihad, Rubbaish and Al Shihri, the other was in contact with another fellow in London, Mr. Begg who seems to recruit these impressionable lads, And these are the ones we know of, I could reference the Trinidadian born Saudi son of Sheik Rahman's translator who's 'rocketing up the chart' of AQ leadership from this neck of the woods, who was involved in the Zazi Subway plot, and did once work with young
Abdullah Muhajir (Jose Padilla) they got their start at Dar Ul Uloom

The truth is CK, you never know, ten years ago, if one crafted a tale where an Army psychologists attacked an army base, the son of one
of Nigeria's most significant establishment figure would attempt to bomb an airline, the son of a Pakistani general, formerly a financial analyst, would attack Times Square or the American born son of the Yemeni agriculture minister, was the catalyst for all of this, you would
have laughed them out of the room

And you answered honestly, that this is not unfounded presumption, but it's ok, if someone genuinely evil like Fidel, gets laurels from Katie
and Brian, but a genuinely honest albeit maybe naive politician, can be torn down, before they even know what's going on,

The same is true about Israel, it carries a terrible burden inherent in it's creation, that six million died because they could not find sanctuaryanywhere in the world, anywhere, Are they suspicious, maybe even paranoid in their actions, well yes at times, but remember Delmore Schwartz. Hamas's leadership is up to no good, even worse then Fatah, because the latter didn't fundamentally compromise the spiritual foundations of the people in the same way

And we couple this with the fact that this attitude of denial of Salafism seems to be common in Bloomberg's circle, this fellow Siraj
for one, that his attempt to blame tea partiers for the Times Square
bombing is not a one off for him.

Yes, but that's enough about the MSNBC audience, and Comedy Central, yet they are taken seriously.

It's nice to know the president is giving up on sanctions, even after???
having watered them down to curry favor with Russia and China,

What's wrong with that statement;

Gamal Nasser created the Pan-Arab movement in the 1950′s trying to unite very different cultures in Syria and Egypt. But it was the concept of pan-Arabism that was important. The long-term goal was a secular recreation of the Caliphate. That and the destruction of Israel. Thousands of lives were lost in 1948, in 1956, in 1967, and in 1973, and while Jordan and Egypt eventual made separate peace, jihad is still the official policy both within the Ummah and the majority of the secular states of which it consists.

Another example is that of Saddam Hussein, who in 1981 declared himself the victor and had it broadcast throughout the world after 300,000 dead and $500 Billion lost in the Iran – Iraq war.He did so once again after Iraq’s defeat in the First Gulf War. He did not have that option in 2003, but Baghdad Bob surely did his best. Perception is not necessarily reality within the Islamic world except in the interpretation of the Q’uran.

The three centuries back coincides with the first Wahhabi Rising,
and the Russian conflicts with the Turks , where much ofwhat is now Ukraine, Romania, even parts of Hungary were acquired. But it is as accurate as pretending the Iraq did not conform to the three
Ottoman vilayets, of Mosul, Basra and Baghdad. I'm reading 'Six Frigates, and the expedition to the Barbary Coast, Treble, Eaton
and Decatur play a significant role

So you voted for either McGovern or the Peace and Freedom candidate?

THat's right up there with 'No one I know voted for Nixon" which is becoming admit voting for Obama

Dorothy is being very tactful about it. You want to consider 'hope' over experience, as does apparently the New York City council, I'm sure of the petition was to build a Church, they would be almost
as resolutely opposed. It seems a deliberate provocation, with everything we know about the Imam

Projection is the name of the game, peaceful citizens protesting against leviathan government, are racist terrorists, no evidence
requred, marines in a tough spot in the TRiangle of Death, are
murderers, so said the late John Murtha and" Taliban Tim "McGuirk. Amy tool to handle terrorists proactively from the Predator to Gitmo, must be eliminated, the only 'confy barcalounger' with cable is allowed

The Arabist and Islamists combined with radicals like Galloway who spearheaded the boycott of Israeli academics. The likes of Sharpton
and Carson, who have riled up tensions to the boiling point on more than one occasion, with no justification. Of course, the President's
Quadaffi penpal, the superannuated former terrorist like Ayers, who
found the gramscian way, rather than 'direct action

The influence is felt is more strongly seen in the UK in shows like the BBC's Mi-6 where there is an a seeming army of antiIslamist elements, from Mossad posing as terrorists, to a Christian
terrorist group taking out Imam, occasionally they do feature the occasional real terrorists, but he's usually the pawn of Russian oil
brokers, Secret Service chiefs, or media barons patterned on Conrad

Are you really that naive CK, they saw a world post '67, where the white liberals, typified by Lindsay and the emerging African American radicals, sought to demonize Jews on the domestic front, and a comparable situation in the international arena, typified by the "Zionismmis Racism" resolution, tendered by their 'old friends' in Soviet Russia, post '73 embargo, they saw the noose drawing tighter, after failing to defeat 'the Sunni card (alliance with Saddam and the Sauds) they saw regime change, and democracy as their own solution. Their goals haven't changed in 40 years, possibly they've refined their methods, The enemies have been both more bold and devious, as they propagate hatred typified by that nice old man Mr, Quradawi who yelled Fatwas at Sadat before 1981