Well no, from dilgent watchings of Resident Evil, the Dead series, et al, it would seem they are just the atavistic id, not the anima that distinguishes us from the lower beasts.

The Daily Show and Colbert, is the institutionalization of the hipster
ethos of the 60s, that really came to light with SNL. It made willful
ignorance of significant matters, in a leftwing pose cool. Obama could not have been elected without them, as Jason Mattera has pointed out

They were naive about a great many things, they trusted that Imam Rauf was actually 'bridge building' when he was pouring napalm on an open flame. theY trusted that Alamoudi was really providing vise counsel to the Islamic chaplains in churches and even prisons

So when MSNBC repeats the Wahhabist propaganda of the Levick Gorp,
about Gitmo. when it pretends that terrorism is not a real issue, even though their headquarters at Viacom very nearly became a crime scene, when the had a nice laugh about "Mesopotamia" even the best of the Ilkwan fighters ran aground there, when they stoked paranoia with their insinuations about NSA surveilance, and they have been luke warm to say the least about the war, they claimed to support in Afghanistan. Really Fox is the problem.

Many have complained that Fox has not been sufficiently critical of
the ideological project that certain relatives of Prince Talal, like
Azouzi (short for Abdulazziz jr, have engaged in, but as compared
to Air America TV, and CNN, which is more like the BBC, stylistically