Comments on Unsettling Israel by miguel cervantes

I know Mubarak and transparency and justice, words that don't compute. Blair is closer to the point, he's still a little naive, but he understands the sentiment.

If Palestinian society had been steered by those unlike Haj Amin Husseini, and the choices he made, from 1920 on,there might very well have been an accomodation, in '36 when he sought the assistance of Nazi Germany, when he recruited the Hanschar SS division, when he aided the Rashid Ali coup, his role in '47 war. They have spectacularly ill served with the succession of Arafat, his relative, and Mahmud Abbas has not been much of an improvement.

As an exile from my land of birth, due to the maneuvers of another
Third World leader, I recognize that the Palestinians are due justice, but not on the path they have chosen

Why is it so hard to get that basic acknowledgement here, which I didn't think would need to be, clarified here, and in other places. Rabin
and Sharon, only Peres and the other envoy to the US, name escapes
is remaining from that founding generation. Goldberg does a little too much psychoanalysis of Bibi, in that last piece, he was Sayaret, his brother did die at Entebbe, he knows the solemn responsibilty he shoulders.

That has being the rallying cry of the nationalist clique since 1920, typified by Haj Amin Husseini, (who was Circassian, but why quibble)
he rallied the forces by that call, eventually enlisting Fritz Grobba,
the leading Arabist in the German Foreign Office, Is the distinctions
those settlements after '67, this is a point Goldberg can't wrap himself
around. The point that British Academia is proscribing Jews, that the Arabs demanded a boycott since '73, that is unequivocal. None of that
seems to matter

I noticed even prefessional Wahhabi loathers like Baer, in his afterward to his memoir, seem to dwell inordinately with the settlement question. Which ignores the concept that any settlement whether in 1920,29, 36, or 47 is illregarded by the local populace,

Compared to most of the commentariat, Applebaum, Lithwick, Miller,
Parker, Noonan, et al, she's a breath of fresh air, now our own JE Dyer,
and Caroline Glick, provide the more geostrategic and other angles

Mr. Taub could have published this in Haaretz, but it would have been
redundant. To focus on the settlers as anything close to the main issue is comical. Reality has turned much more hard edged like what
Jabotinsky offered, some the Beilin bunch has yet to come terms with

Maybe had the July 20 coup, succeeded, although many of those plotters, had not a little blood on their hands, you did miss the point
of the Wansee Conference, did you

No, Stan he asked if they had accepted aid, which you would think they would have after all this time, but mostly likely they haven't.

Ah Yousafsai and Moreau, they take wonderful dictation from the Taliban, and of course they wouldn' actually bother to correct the
record, that Imam Rauf isn't the misunderstood moderate, but then
again neither was Aulaqi although ti took some time to bear that out

OT, Against my better judgement I clicked on that Soros link, Beck was pointing out the uniquely iconoclastic black liberation, whereas
the other side, put up phantoms on a Huckabeian nature. I haven't heard Beck speak of the Book of Mormoni, or Brigham Young or even
really tithing, very dissapointing, but typical

You have one world leader, who denies the Holocaust, yet certainly thought it was a good first step, who is closer every day to having a nuclear weapon, you have Mosques from Burayda toBirmingham (both ones) preaching Wahhabism. You have an academic establishment in the UK and other places, that is practically proscribing Jews in any capacity. There are enough 'Elephants in the Room" here to stock
Barnum and Bailey. And the settlers are the problem