Comments on No alternatives by Rex Caruthers


I agree with you,he is being true to himself,and his administration. He's not an quick study.

Obama is a moderate leftist,but he is charactorized as a radical leftist. Therfore he should have been much more radical than he was,and he would not be one percentage point worse off:Single payor universal healthcare,brought the troops home vietnam style,reestablished Glass Steagall,gone the FDR route on Infrastructure projects to generate jobs,and told the Republicans to f--k themselves, Had he done that,he would not be any less popular than he is,and he would have joined FDR as the great F--k the upper class populist.
As it is,he looks like a jerk,and nobody respects him,neither his enemies or his would be friends.
Despite all that,I like him without repecting him.