Comments on No alternatives by fuster

oh, it reads pretty swell.
not as nice as Marx, but not at all bad to read, being a tad more terse.

I'm fond of Art 6, c - To revolt against the corrupt reality in all intellectual, economic, social and political aspects of life.

The Pan-Arab Socialist revolt against reality is mighty, mighty!!

CK MacLeod wrote:

It was rational and powerful enough that we felt we had to knock it down,

not really, Tsar.

Baathism, in full feculent flower and folly, endures as well as ever it did.

miguel cervantes wrote:

there was something inherent in the nature of Baathism
that would lead to another confrontation

It's stuff such as this that makes me sad for the Zombies and their Tsar. When the Imperial Court fell under the sway of the German idealist philosophists, twas but a matter of time.

@ Scott Miller:
That sounds suspiciously sane.