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Kanan Makiya, the author of 'Republic of Fear" was one of those who argued for a liberation of Iraq, was he wrong to do so, Wolfowitz, whose opposition to corrupt oligarchs on at least two continents from the 1980s on, from Chile to the Phillipines, ultimately led to his removal from the World Bank was for the invasion. He saw the Baath as an obstacle, the perpetrators of the Anfal against the Kurds, other actions against the Shia.

State who put two of the figures involved in Iraq at the time of the Anfal, Bodine and Eagleton, in their transitional authority, wanted the closest thing to an oligarch, Adnan Pachachi, the dinosaur of pre Baath politics, last seen in now Ambassador Oren's book, arguing for the resolutions that checkmated Israel's victory
in the '67 war. the late Ambassador Hume Horan, having seen what
happens in Arabia and the Sudan, was also in favor of the operation

Does he even bother to explain what we are doing in Afghanistan or Iraq, or did that matter to the future members of the Middle East Institute who were supervising him, yes Karen Hughes was no rocket
scientist either,

He tells these audiences that the US position is at best thoughtless and at worse, evil, we have plenty of outlets for that. He blames us for Bin Laden, not the Saudi establishment that recruited him from their own version of Sunday school, not the ISI that picked those
mujahadeen that would best take their dictation. Having indicted us
as an accessory, he then takes advantage of the vaccuum left by
our aloof bureaucracy, to plant a marker on sacred ground, counting
on the gullibility of the community board, that didn't do the most minimum of due diligence

They get this particular argument, such as one could call it that from Al Jazeera, in the time period involved. How exactly does that further
our interests abroad. It lends itself to the Hamas argument that we are waging war on Islam when we're not. Just like CAIR can have board members that have been connected to terrorist acts but we are not supposed to notice this

"War is Hell" so said Sherman, before he decided to demonstrate it, on the Road to Atlanta. It destroys, maims, mutilates, one wishes it were not so, but it is. It is rightfully considered one of the legitimate functions of the state, and spelled out as such. It is to be used sparingly, and only as a last resort. One of my complaints with the good Imam is his surprisingly simplistic analysis, for an Ivy league educated Physicist, of the US war aims, during the time he servedas an outreach coordinator with the Moslem world. His argument seemingly indicated that AQ and not the US was in the right, in this conflict

Are you really that naive Scott, to have reviewed the panoply of human history, and not conclude that existence in much of the world
is in Hobbe's word "nasty, brutish and short' What of the regimes like
Chirac's France, Putin's Russia, that profited by Saddam's corruption,
you don't actually think there was anything idealistic there, do you.

Like I first noticed in Kedourie's Chatham House Rules, referred in Bellow's "Return to Jerusalem" a similar process occurred with Nasser
and Miles Copeland, the former jazz player from Birmingham, who was the father of Stewart Copeland of the Police, and related to Courtney Cox, and James Eichelberger, a former advertising exec, seconded to the CIA, who came up with the idea of a political police 'Mukharabat'They made the same mistake cultivating a clique of Baathist exiles, including Saddam.

Aflaq, father of the Baath, took as his main lesson from his European
education in the 30s, that fascism, was a viable project, and that
was what he adapted for the beleaguered Sunni majority, that nonetheless controlled practically everything

We had been to war with Iraq, before a much more brief affair, much like WW 1 was, there was something inherent in the nature of Baathism
that would lead to another confrontation, events in 1994, 1996, & 1998. The chief mechanism for containment the sanctions regime had turned into a sinecure for parties like the French and Russian govt, the prospect of continued support for the air corridor was threatened by attacks against bases in the area, like what happened in Dhahran in
1996, by either AQ or incollaboration with Saudi Hezbollah, common to
the Hasa province of the Kingdom.

The Sunni tribesman that were empowered by the Brits, in the 1920s, and the expression of the denial of the Shia/Kurd majority, expressed
in the Golden Square and later the Baath, has been the source of most of the problems in Iraq'a bac.kground. In retrospect, the Ilkwan
was always the greater foe, they were in 1805, in the mid to late 20s
and during the post OIF period, it was just 'undiplomatic' to point it out. That's just taking the long view, instead of just focusing on this decade

Spain, bouyied by a second rate lefty pol, Zapatero, tried the Green economy strategy, it's results have been underwhelming, Down under
Rudd ultimately dissented from such a move, and Gillard looks likely to fall because of it. Robinson, works hard to be unaware of any substantive objections to the Obama agenda, it makes it easier to go on Morning Joe, I suppose, occasionally he has 'gone rogue' but too
few times to be of note

He's always been a hack politician, foremost, he leans left, but there's a reason in a dozen years, he had few accomplishments to his credit.
Maybe if the Democrats had picked a Bayh or a Webb, such a strategy
as Brook's delusion might have come about, out of necessity if not intellectual effort. Glass Steagall is as useless as the Fin Reg bill to actually address the problems in the financial sector. He was bouyied
by slum lords, Baathist fixers, the subprime desperadoes, did we expect anything better