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Regardless of what Tom Friedman says, the Chinese model isn't really an option, now it threatens the likes of Taiwan, maybe the Spratley
isles, and their support of the Janjaweed regime, isn't unhelpful with regards to Iran,

The Communist party in total terms, were a small faction in the population, but we were right not to let them get a foothold in our unions, media, academia, well we tried at that anyways., Having been
a reporter for the Times in Western Africa in the 70s and 80s, May might just have a tiny inkling of how extremist movements operate
in various societies.

Russia currently is a regional rival, but not an idealogical one, a signficant distinction or difference, China similarly more of a competitor. 19 men causes 3,000 death, a fairly small number
caused many of the casualties predominantly civilian, in Iraq in a short span of years