@ miguel cervantes:
Funny you should go there. I started to write a blog post today on the misogyny of patriarchal religious institutions and how they affect society. It got ugly and I quit right around the time that I slid off point and started siting facts like, "two out five policemen in the U.S. admit to having committed domestic violence," and "three out of ten American women have been raped." The point had to do with casting stones. Yes, the real stones cast by some Islamic men create more dramatically visual horrors. Yes, suttee is dramatically horrific. However, the American way of torturing women is perhaps more profound in the way that it succeeds in getting women to horribly objectify themselves even as they take part in the finger pointing at other cultures' hatred of women, which then connects with all the other things Americans don't really care about but use to justify bombing the shit of people no worse than they are on any level. And I also stopped writing because of the effort required to properly expose but not condemn my own self-congratulatory ain't-I-being-such-a-good-male-feminist schtick. Ugh. Now, I wish I hadn't written any of this. It's definitely not going on my havan.

@ miguel cervantes:
A nicely measured comment, Miguel. Fit for Colin's havan.

CK MacLeod wrote:

I think I’ll burn that comment.

No, you're going about the burning all wrong. "Stupid white man." There's no power in burning things that should be burned. You do a "Havan." You burn things you love. The best thing muslims could do on a level of spiritual empowerment would be to go to the spot where Jones was going to do his dirty work and light fire to their own books. In my opinion, that's what Shams (Rumi's real-life beloved) would do if he were alive. It would be radical spiritualism at its best--leaving folks who feel "calmed" by "big peace" articles scratching their heads. (I went to big peace page by the way. Unreal. I didn't know that kind of thing existed.)
Of course, the Havan is a Hindu fire ceremony, so if you do some research and decide to go with it, there is also some subversive value to it as a piss off in several directions. Feel free to burn this comment in it, since I know it's something you'll love.