The Golden Goose is alive and well, albeit a bit obese.

@ Rex Caruthers:
Marx didn't understand that there is more to economics than products. He didn't know about services. He didn't know about the importance of office work. He thought shopkeepers were parasites who served no purpose.

Voting is not simply a mechanism. It is a recognition of the fact that all human beings deserve respect. It is a way to enable individuals to participate in the government.
Monarchy is the heritage of dictatorship. The Kim Dynasty is showing is, right now, how monarchies come into existence. As for the powerless monarchies of Europe, they are relics and serve no purpose except to provide an extra source of scandal for the press to jump on.
Morality is not merely good; it is also logical and practical. The United States is the richest and most powerful country on earth because democracy is moral.
Marx hated democracy because he linked it with civil society, which, as we know, constantly excretes the Jew from its intestines. He knew that when the final stage of communism arrived, everybody would think alike--how can there possibly be disagreement of there are no economic differences?--and the state would wither away. People who admire Marx hate democracy.

@ CK MacLeod:

Voting is moral. Saying a country is the property of a family (monarchy) or belongs to whatever brute took it over (dictaorship) is not moral.
Although the Civil War was a revolution of sorts, the United States has remained in existence since 1776. That's pretty stable.

Thank you, Rex, for your kind words.
And thank you for reminding us about Pinochet. Nixon and Kissinger were following in the footsteps of Eisenhower, who overthrew Mossadegh--admittedly, not a good guy--and ended democracy in Iran, paving the way for Khomeini and Ahmadinejad.
Eisenhower, Nixon, and Kissinger feared democracy, because they thought that outside of the United States and Europe, people would inevitably vote for communism.
They didn't know that democracy is the only system of government that is inherently moral. They didn't know that with its built-in elections, democracy is the least unstable of all political structures.