That's the thing about Florida teams, they almost invariably dissapoint, but they usually wait till you've gotten your hopes up

It really does go farther than 1971, some might argue back to the whole series of Court cases, after 'Court packing incidents' that made
the Commerce Clause, the supreme authority, getting off the gold standard was a symptom of the problem, dirigism was the actual condition

He ultimately didn't understand people, so he created abstracts like
the proletariat, which are much more multidimensional, even the bourgeoisie isn't united, one might look at the Tea Parties as essentially petit, their leading opposition, are the effete elites, allied with other elements

Now you're right mere democracy is just formalism, institutions have to be resilient enough, and frankly many of these core elements have been weak in the last few years,

Now getting back to the real point, the Wahhabi/Saud relationship has not served that emirate, well. When many of the institutions seem to lipsynching that old MaSH theme song 'Suicide is Painless' we have a real problem, and not just in the corner of the peninsula

As Churchill said 'its the worst of all systems, except for all the others',
it's a fairly unobjectionable statement, CK

Well Taheri would disagree with you, on the latter point, AJAx only punctuated the ongoing revolt of the bazaaris and the mullahs, but that is a reasonable disagreement. Why were their no elements of
the MIR or the Manuel Rodriquez group attacking the US Govt, only
our most pampered Arabian fiefdom to raise these sorts of characters

Maybe in Vladikavkaz, this week, RC, society does exist, you're not going all Thatcherite now are you

Yes the bikini is the new burka, do you ever listen to listen to yourself,
are that willing to make excuses for tyranny around the world. 'torture' you've been watching too much law and order SVU,

That's not like suttee, is it, not a tradition we want to uphold

There is no reason ever, to burn a mosque, a synagogue, a church or the books associated with either. I know actually following the links probably interferes with your meditation, Scott, but the "aid and confort" provided to this organization, which does do evil things, is of note.

Actually this Jones fellow, makes me quite angry, as long as he had this platform, he could have endeavoured to learn and consequently
teach about the well spring behind this political movement represented by Deobandi and Wahhabi Islam, but in his own way
he is as ignorant as the NCC folks who piped in on the controversy earlier this week

Well this fellow, is the negotiator on the deal, makes me feel very calm:

Yes, Colin, way to miss the whole point of the exercise, both are provocations, that interfere with a proper memorialization of the
events of that dark day in September. The whole clique around the good imam, Hamas donating Al Zinatty, tax dodging Al Sharif, Daisy Khan and the phantom tax exemption, seem to have a counterpart in the dodgy Pastor's flock of Westboro like congregants