Comments on Flamesem & Japesem (Operation American Freedom) by miguel cervantes

This makes the latest William Gibson novel, Zero History seem logical

Using a rough calculation, we're still talking 1.6 x 10 miles that's a lot of space, and that's not considering the three dimensions of space, maybe I miscalculated, but that seems like a lot of space

And how exactly would that solve anything, Rex, it is not inconceivable
since do we do seem to following the Roman Republic's track, best bet
the post Jugurthan war period, that we might see proscriptions ala
Sulla, but that is not a beneficial course of action. Secession in a urbanized industrialized society, would be nowhere as neat as the
precursor, a hundred and fifty years ago,

"Creative destruction" is what Schumpeter called it, he appears briefly in that Hayek bio I once referred to, this is just plain old fashioned destruction. Now you tout gold, but there is no way that it can accomodate even a tiny fraction of the expenses you suggest are needed. And Marx clearly though of it as a dodge, not a real solution,
I agree on the Fed, Greenspan did the convincing. Your secession solutions seems very unfeasible

Well thanks, REx, I think, my grandfather was the same way, he was mostly an autodidact, but he insisted on a thorough grounding in history, literature, fluency in the spoken and written word, he was an iconoclast in many respects, not strictly aligned with any particular
faction, although he was not liberal.

Except you have the leader of Al Mujahiroon who threatened to kill Westerners if Korans burned , same for that candidate in Afghanistan, churches in the Phillipines under threat, they remind us, much like the Aliens in "Independence Day" they "just want us to die" That Khan fellow is much more incisive I've found

Well there was the fact we were in the middle of another very hot war, Korea, by the time of the 9th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, ask those who were at the Chosin Reservoir. honestly do facts mean nothing, One might say Osama's first declaration of war back in 1996, was the kickoff, or the first WTC bombing, or the Iranian embassy hostage event.

Our construction, when the Arabian Interior Minister, Prince Nayef even months later, refused to admit his countrymen had done the deed, when Effendi Aulaqi was cultivating another new crop of shaheeds, like his first crew, the sermons prreached from Birmingham
Alabama, where a future leader of Al Sahaab would rise, to somewhere is Zimbabwe where Gitmo detainee, and recruiter for
AbdulMutallab was from

One would have thought that someone in that neck of the woods, would have more awareness to point out that the ISI, particularly
those like Gul and likeminded persons have more to do with this than America, same for Saudi General Intelligence, Bin Laden, is really but
a symptom of the Salafi-Deobandi crest, typified by Qutb, Mawdudi,
et al

You are smoking something seriously, ask Salman, what his life was the first ten years of his life, you think the folks at Mi-5 who are in charge of his security,. believe that, yes it took six months of searching many many strikes, often with incomplete information, in the end he was expendable, as Baathism the movement which had been kicking around since '63, faced demographic realities, and the truth
that the Salafi were much more dangerous than the Americans

When the newborn Iraqi regime was being strangled in it's cradle, where was he quoting Michael Moore, an apologist for Tyrants everywhere, when the Cedar Spring was going on, against the
Syrian Mukharabat, when the US was doing tentative steps toward
Nour and a more open Egypt away from the Pharoah state of Mubarak,
he offered no encouragement. It was a scam from the beginning the
most preliminary due diligence would have discouraged any idea that
this was a viable project, but Bloomberg is blinder than a fruit bat,
ans so were Jullie Menin and company

I think being a Iranian, he's a little more informed about these things, they change the name, very frequently, next thing you know it will be the Alhambra, which wouldn't be a bad choice, come to think of it.

He's a thug that started out with holding American hostages, and moved on to running hit teams against exiles in Europe and other places, he comes from the Quds Force, or the Vevak Sepah Pasdaran, the real force in Iran, even more than the mullahs

It's the pattern Frog, he tells us in not so many words, that we 'got what coming to us', that we have more Moslem blood on our hands
than AQ, that Hamas is misunderstood, he didn't know who was behind
the 3/11 and 7/7 bombings, the fact that the State Department signed
him up for these good will tours doesn't phase me, the Pentagon didn't know what they were doing with Alamoudi, Grover didn't really know what Saffuri and Al Arian were preaching

That is catching the horse after it's left the stable, the Brooklyn Mosque where Sheikh Rahman, taught the likes of Ajaj, and Abouhalima, where young El Shukrijumah picked up his sunday school, the one where Hasan Akbar picked up his lessons, Aulaqi's storefront
in San Diego, and Al Hijirah in Falls Church, that mosque in my neck of the woods where Jose Padilla got his start, on his way to Yemen and Afghanistan, as Abdullah Muhajir

Well you have an interesting frame of mind as well, Scott, sometimes a bit too much of an interior dialogue. I find the national conversation a little too simplistic, although the left side is particularly one
dimensional. I'm a bit of an idealist, as my latest nom de plum, Don Quixote's author would suggest. He had a connection to Islam, who had been imprisoned in Algiers, as a captive during the battle of Lepanto.