@ fuster:
Good idea. But I'd think that since everything I came up with last week about baseball played out accordingly, you might consider the possibility that you're just not appreciating the equal measure of clarity happening with me on other fronts.

CK MacLeod wrote:

I am not miguel cervantes and miguel cervantes is not me.
How did you do that?

Scorpio-ADD electrical power.fuster wrote:

Hell, a day or two ago, Scott thought that George was me.

CK wasn't just marveling at the confusion, he was wondering how I managed to post his quote with miguel's handle. For my next trick, I'll pull a mid-level pitcher out of my hat and sell him to the Yanks for twice market value.

miguel cervantes wrote:

You’ll still root for the Gs won’t you?

We'll see. It's part of my natural born liberalism to reserve the right to not only cut and run, but run to another cause for barely any reason at all.

Say it ain't so, CK. You were pulling for Fuster's Yanks? C'mon. That's not going with the good vibes. GWB connection aside, Texas is the feel-good story of the year. Now they're positioned to have Cliff Lee pitch the first game of the WS. Even if the Phillies get there, they're vulnerable with Halladay hurt. I'm a Giants fan, but given everything Washington and Hamilton have overcome, I'll be happy if the Rangers win it all.