@ bob:

@ bob:
IE7 is like 1,000 years old, dude. They're already in Beta on IE9.

Upgrading is free. So are the other browsers.

IE8 Download
Firefox Download
Google Chrome DL

I'm figuring that if you were an evil Apple person, you'd be using Safari or something.

@ bob:
Could be you have an old, old version of IE... though you'd be encountering similar problems all over the place if you did... For Compatibility View there's a little rectangular icon with a crooked line running horizontally through its middle, right in between the address bar and the reload arrows. It's a toggle. Can also be found under the Tools menu. If it's not in either place... then maybe you ought to upgrade or try out a new browser like Firefox or Chrome, both free and much faster than IE as a rule. Firefox includes all sorts of nifty add-ons you can niftily add on.

@ miguel cervantes:
aw, c'mon, migs, try it out with the submission form and let me know if it doesn't work...

@ bob:
Just checked the submssion form out on Internet Explorer - have you tried clicking "compatibility view" - it's the little broken-page looking thing right next to the address bar... will also see eventually if I can find a correction...

...do you know how much many web designers hate Internet Explorer?

@ bob:
What browser/operating system? Also, do you mean the above Post Text boxes, not the one on the new submission form?