@ Rez Abbasi:
You're quite welcome, doubly. Didn't mean to imply anything other than that the song - which I found at Ms. Ahluwalia's site - is yours, but I've added some notes for clarity.

Great video, by the way - the simple, cinematic concept that in combination with the music creates, evokes, and sustains a subjective "moment" instead of seeing how many cuts, how much unrelated narrative, how many tricks, or how many shots of the artist and fans it can fit into a couple of minutes.

Interesting observation about the Celticness of the sound on that song... I like the way his voice sounds like a pop crooner than zooms off into those very Eastern legato lines

Couldn't be more simple to do the presentation:

Just put the following in any post:

[myyoutubeplaylist codenumber, codenumber, codenumber, codenumber]

where codenumber is the sequence of letters and numbers that appear italicized in the following URL.


in other words, the gobbledygook between the "=" and the "&" on any Youtube URL

You can use any number of songs.

The application will do the rest in terms of formatting the main image and the menu thumbnails. There are more bells&whistley apps that allow for more complicated layouts and interactions and decorations, but I thought this one was a good starting point.