@ George Jochnowitz:George, it's time for you to reconsider. maybe it's possible that the Saudis have a de facto alliance with a Palestinian people and the Saudis really don't much care whether the Palestinians ever establish a state. Perhaps the Saudi interest doesn't run much deeper than insuring the continued existence of and free access to the Al-Aksa mosque.
If the Israelis and Americans are going to counter the Iranians, the Saudis are going to want the I/P questioned settled and aren't going to require the Israelis to sign off on more than a little.

@ George Jochnowitz: George, what Israel is doing with the technology is great, but it's not like the israelis have been entirely unselfish in their actions. They've been a little unfair in the way that they've grabbed the west Bank water away from the Arab population.
On that fine day when a peace treaty comes and the occupation ends, I harbor some suspicion that it's going to be the Saudis, not the Israelis, who're going to be paying to replace the West Bank water and that the Israelis are going to attempt to continue pulling out water.
IIFC, one of the lesser-known provisions of the Barak offer to Arafat is that the water would not to equitably shared out.

@ CK MacLeod:Well, old sog, the slaughter at the water hole is a song been sung since forever and return to forever ain't gonna be but small and sporadic....with a chance of being called for rain.

It's not going to be war for water in or around Israel. There's been trouble before, and there still some now, with the settlers glomming a lot of water in the West Bank, but Israel's population is outstripping the water supply and the Israelis have been building large desalinization plants, enough so that they'll be able to supply more than half, perhaps as much as 3/4 of the expected demand.

Saudi Arabia is also into gigantic desalinization projects.