bob wrote:

Then why use it at all when all you’re doing is telling us your internet is back on?

The occasion is irrelevant. I might have used the fact that my internet is back on as an excuse to get into almost anything, just as I use the fact that I have an internet connection in the first place to get into almost anything.

As for whether it was worth noting, we may just have to agree to disagree on that. We've had previous discussion on cultural attitudes toward child sexuality, and we may have more at some future time. When it comes to potential controversial material, I think we should err on the side of inclusion on borderline instances - and I don't think that the video is obscene, or that it was created with a pornographic intention. I think its makers may be a lot naive or a little sick or both, but I don't see that as a good reason for us to censor ourselves. Any other policy would tend to squelch discussion.

@ bob:
Me neither, as I thought I made clear - but there it is on YouTube, available to all, and I thought the fact was worth noting. Check out the comments at the site.

@ fuster:
Thought you wanted me to cram the 2nd 'tube into a dysfunctional tag, like you like to do. If you've got some suggestions for tags, feel free to utilize your awesome editing powers to add 'em. Just please no URLs.

@ fuster:
I think I catch yer drift, but I figgered you could stand the 2nd 'tube. We're all grown-ups here...

Or is that the problem?