Comments on Peretz in Exile by fuster

Jim Treacher! writes about Peretz.

@ miguel cervantes:

Ok, miggs!!

That crap was quashed in 48, and although the old bastard went to his grave still espousing it, he died without followers.

@ CK MacLeod:

But he was a superb teacher, close to his students, and a mentor outside the classroom, too:

" close, real close "

@ miguel cervantes: Did you ever remember or find out what his seven per cent solution was?

try telling me his ideas aren't as dead as he is.

@ CK MacLeod:

One might think it fairer to say that Peretz rejected his wife rather than the converse.

@ miguel cervantes:
that's a bunch of crap.

it's not that Mr. Peretz, won’t jettison Israel, all of TNR was and is filled with Zionists, and even they were ashamed of the old goat's hard racism.
the stuff he says in public and the stuff that he puts in print is far milder than the other stuff.

@ miguel cervantes:
Peretz gives slimy, he doesn't get slimed.

Beinart was a good editor and a decent person and, for a while, actually refused to run some of Peretz's stuff in the mag. Beinart was the one who got Marty out of the main pages and into his own little shit-smearing Spine blog.

This is just more evidence that old homosexual Jews believe that honor is cheap and don't deserve First Amendment rights and shouldn't be allowed to own gerbils.