@ fuster:
I will definitely pass suggestion along. Thanks.
CK MacLeod wrote:

Was this performance recorded

Parts were, yes. Haven't seen the results yet, but if worked, I will definitely YouTube and post. Thanks for asking.

@ fuster:
He's really a tabla player and plays them at least 3/5ths of the time, and taping doesn't work with tablas. Then at the end of the faster, more rock and roll songs he switches to cajon. So if he just played cajon, he'd tape.

@ CK MacLeod:
It was. People went crazy when at one point Lisa switched from the Sanskrit of a Shiva chant to "Respect Yourself!" as the band ignited. The big difference this time was that I replaced myself with an amazing bass player. That allowed Bob to play hard electric guitar and that pumped everyone else, including the tabla player who ended up bashing the cajon so hard and furiously as Lisa went into Respect Yourself that he broke a blood vessel in his finger and it swelled up horribly. Amazing. The owner of the studio came up to me afterwards, shaking his head..."I'm speechless. I had no idea. I have never seen anything like that.

If you'd gone to the concert everything would have been okay. Of course, you're correct response to that--if I hadn't continued here--would have been that things are okay anyway. And they are. But, in my opinion, you and miggs were friends--albeit combative ones. I think you put a lot of effort into the relationship and it was a worthy effort. There was a chance for it to work. The chance was small but that made the effort heroic, and now, again in my opinion, it would be better to acknowledge yourself for trying to help someone who is horribly misguided and yet very unique. I'm not sure that can be done well without recognizing the truth about you two being friends. Pardon the pop psychology.