Van Jones talks revolution, like Fox Piven, 'top down, bottom up, inside
out', the examples of Greece are certainly intended, Btw, Reid in his interview in GQ, compares the Tea Party to the Couglinites, a rather
trite and shopwarn comparison, but in the air nonetheless.

No, I would say using the mass murder of hundreds of your countrymen
to stigmatize your political opponents, as Dick Morris, counseled Clinton
to do, was a failure of moral leadership, and hell it works, because Mark Penn has recommended the same strategy. for Obama. Which
he will adopt, because that is the Alinsky way, as they say 'you pull a
knife, they pull a gun. They send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue' It also matches whatever radio frequencies Laughner may have been receiving on his fillings, from Fox Piven, and Van Jones, who have a very insurrectionary flavor to them

Yes, he had one of his flunkies pay the bill, big deal, neither that incident or Freddie's fashion mart, really prevented him from having
a seat at the table, in fact, he is getting a chance to determine FCC

Because they said so, fifteen year ago, next thing you're going to tell me is Sharpton didn't slander the police officer and the DA in the Tawana Brawley trial, that was his entree into the big time

Nope, they didn't care to look at the facts, which would have been a more honest stand considering experiences of some of the jurors, but the fact that one cop's off the record embellishments trying to paint himself as an Ellroyesque character, shouldn't have entered into any of the deliberations.

I'm really struck about how mendacious someone like Frum can be, a two bit thug like Loughner, protected by the likes of Sheriff Dupnik, can murder and maim with inpunity, but the focus is on someone so far
removed from what passes for his mental processes,it matters more to score a political point, than to seek justice, in character if not in scope, it begins to resemble the OJ Simpson trial, where there was really no doubt of the guilt, but it didnt matter, in so far as another
agenda could be satisfied.

An unbalanced person, with a narrow grasp of reality is told, that the
largest popular movement in recent history is not only astroturfed but it's intent is to bring about tyranny, that any supporter of SB 1070 is abetting a cruel, racist, possibly criminal enterprise, that a heart felt appeal against a provocation in lower Manhattan is a sign of intolerance, I say, those that propagated those views from the leading editorial boards, from the penthouse floors of network boardrooms. they have 'blood on their hands', and their is no telling how much further violence can come from weak souls buying into their 'two minute hate'