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I don't care about the astrohoologist, but I think we should remember Allison Krause and her friends, and also remember how complex and costly some of suppressed but still significant history has been.

@ Scott Miller:
Well that obviously settles everything... except it's not the last word.

Giffords likely qualifies as the first Jewish "Congresswoman" shot for her politics. Sandra Lee Scheuer was Jewish and killed for other people's politics, but Allison Krause was an anti-war protestor when she was also shot and killed at Kent State, and was also Jewish.

Her father, Arthur Krause, who had emigrated from Nazi Germany, became an outspoken advocate for the press for truth and justice about what occurred that day.

I suspect that over the years other American Jewish women were shot for their "politics," probably leftist politics or labor union organizing. I don't suspect there were many Jewish women politicians among them.

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You don't understand the geography of these here parts. Riverside is several virtual light-years (SoCal freeways/traffic) from Upland. By my usual horse and buggy apparatus it would take a day or two to get there.

fuster wrote:

and don’t be an ass. you wrote something fine. I gained well by reading it. thanks from the guy that did the real work is de trop.

Now who's having trouble receiving a compliment? No piece is complete until someone has read it, and it's difficult to find anyone who will make a perceptive argument about something you've written.

I thought that it was a rhetorical flourish intended as a grabber

...was quite right.
@ miguel cervantes:
We're all Loughners. Loughner is my fault, too. In my time, I've been a Loughnerist, and I see myself in you and your ideological comrades.

If I can find the time and strength, I'll try to say that in a way that means something.

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whaddayathink about leaving "mother fuckers" in the main text?

And thanks for reading closely. I appreciate it.

OK you're right I deleted it.

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@ fuster:
I'm thinking that one over. I believe that a connection can be direct without being "directly" causal... I admit to a bit of uncertainty when I use the word "even." My sense is that the atmosphere of anti-government fervor and protest - including forms of incivility and the specific implicit threats against Giffords and others, may very well make acts like Loughner's more likely, create a kind of social space or possibility, but I don't know that that's avoidable in a free society, and I'd rather have a free society with eruptions of lunatic violence than a controlled society that did the lunatic violence for us. So Palin's notorious crosshairs map didn't cause Loughner to shoot Giffords and the others, but may still have been directly connected to Loughnerism.

All of which is to say - you may be right.

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