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She doesn't look like a dwarf

@ Scott Miller:You make fun of astrology and it's like you're stabbing the Reagans in the back. For shame!

second most honest president from California of the 20th century and all.

@ CK MacLeod:

mebbe, but with the spicy-carrot contrivance, you might be able to pull the horse and buggy faster than usual.

@ Scott Miller:
well, no wonder he's terrified of going to your home. lord knows what what habituative delights he might find in a brush with real live-in-the-flesh people.

maybe you could try affixing a super-spicy carrot to a long stick and lure him into daylight.

you run the quote as it ran until you sense that it's an awful distraction, someone pays you handsomely to change it, or it makes you uncomfortable.

and don't be an ass. you wrote something fine. I gained well by reading it. thanks from the guy that did the real work is de trop.

@ CK MacLeod:
I thought that it was a rhetorical flourish intended as a grabber. but the piece is too fine for such device.

That's the biggest quibble that a curmudgeonous frog can find.

It IS fine.

@ Scott Miller:
well, you should have given him time to clean up the

That “connection” is and remains real, and even direct.

and even direct...... thingy, but what the heck.

@ Scott Miller:
It's too well written and too difficult to comprehend for any hope of popularity.

That “connection” is and remains real, and even direct.

interesting theory.

nee...ds a little phlogistoning..... or maybe a little less "direct"