Comments on On Loughnerism by miguel cervantes

So Fullerism seems to be the 'new hotness' Loughner is old and busted,
and this preceded the tragic event

She was shot by a Discordian nut bar, if that faction, really exists but Mark Rudd, a classmate of the good Imam, and a Weatherman, wants to claim the anomie for his own,

One has often felt like we're in a Phillip K. Dick novel, a mean, a misanthropic anarchist type, murders six people, including a nine year old girl, and the adherents of self reliance and supporters of traditional
institutions are blamed for it. From the first half hour of the saga, maybe Kafka fits better, you can be tried without evidence, in the court of public appearance. Scarborough is confused by small shiny
objects, that's why he's affiliated with the blanc mange No Labels
group, for those who thought John Anderson provided too much excitement.