From your favorite gal, Herr Grosch:

There was more -- too much, in fact. The speech was both undisciplined and boring. But it did remind us that, at heart, Obama is a liberal who wishes to expand, seemingly without limitation, the reach of the federal government. His lack of energy and failure to connect with his audience belied the notion that the old, charismatic orator is back. If the officials in the White House thought this was a helpful speech, they are more isolated from reality than I feared"

This painful episode, as the Frumster, calls it, is defending oneself against the implication that one is responsible for the death of a nine
year old girl, a judge, and several others, as well as the injury of 14 others including a congressman. Now that claptrap of a speech, has
actually enabled Obama to profit politically from that atrocity, there
aren't words to describe the indecency of that. I'll leave out the very pointed signed incitements to assasination, that developed because
of that campaign of hate, of 'blood libel'

Frum hasn't learned the profound mistake of supporting Obama (as per his ridiculous faux S0TU, in Esquire) egging on the silencing of Rush,
and other foolish moves, then again he knows it's not the "New Majority' anymore.