I feared it was Zira.

with fair hair and adorable blue eyes?

@ miguel cervantes:
who's my fave, miggs?

whoever it is must be pretty sharp to be able to detect that Obama has liberal tendencies.

miguel cervantes wrote:

egging on the silencing of Rush,

ever since Rush threw in with the folks demanding the slaughter of all black and Hispanic people in the USA so that they stop draining the Treasury and the blood supply, it's been iffy as to whether he's actually funding the Aryan Brotherhood's spread into Europe or just buying enough crystal from them to maintain them in their northwestern bases.

In 2008, the Republican party nominated for the office of vice-president a person who is now pretty universally agreed to be unfit for the presidency.

Just by considering whether Palin is fit to be president, people are buying into this whole elitist notion about qualifications and betraying the vision of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

If you're old enough and born in the right place, you should be just good enough to run the country. That's what the Constitution says and that's what it means.

And if the leftists don't like that they should go back to Poland.