Comments on Inventing the World by Scott Miller

@ CK MacLeod:
"Cool" is a banal response, but that's what I'm going with. Cool. Then, this...meant to be said in a Slingblade voice..."I like the way you write, boy."

Hold on. I want to read this again and then comment. One thing that comes to mind immediately is that there's a difference between what Ken Wilber refers to as "world view" and what you describe. "World view" is high level consciousness. It happens when someone works from a global perspective in respect to what's good for people. It transcends a national view, which transcends a community view, which transcends a personal view. But the transcendence would happen through the advancement of consciousness. What you're describing has been forced on us. Now we all either rise to the level of world view through spontaneous Grace or get crushed by the weight of world state disorder.