Comments on Paul Rayn by fuster

some are effective some are affectations.

Scott Miller wrote:

In my days in Hollywood, I never met anyone who was a good enough liar to just lie on that level without there being some kind of matching mental disorder behind it.

either that or you didn't discern that they had the ability.

spend some time in Washington DC.

listen to cops testifying and being cross-examined.

Not Hardly.

and the correct term is lying for dollars.

@ CK MacLeod:

jeeps, glad it WAS a joke. I was forced by the wife to listen to Air America a couple of times.

I gotta say that Beck is less obnoxious than Janeane Garofalo

@ miguel cervantes:
what does Air America have to do with anything? Liars and bs artists on FOX are no worse or no better because of other bs artists being around.
not that Air America is really around.

@ Scott Miller:

no that's the one that started with the indigs winning, then King George losing and climaxed at Gettysburg and Ford's Theater.

America’s best century will be considered our past century.

others will consider America's first century our best.