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@ Scott Miller:
Even Amy Goodman. She's just another warmongering Blitzer as far as I can tell, though without commercial breaks.

@ miguel cervantes:
weak, irrelevant

@ miguel cervantes:
Pretty weak. No one actually called anyone anything. No apparent mention of Nazis. And no one making the Big Denial (which, if made, as far as we know would be accurate).
@ Scott Miller:
Eh - that amounts to an argument for not reporting the news at all. Anyone would impose a "frame" on events, just be selecting from among them.

Can't agree with you though about CNN being worse than FNC. Everyone assumes his or her own capacity to read between the lines, but what about the effect over time? FNC really does put out a line, echoed in when not directly lifted from rightwing talkradio, that gets parroted in all broadcasts and drilled into its viewers - making things easy for people like Stewart. MSNBC has pet themes, too, of course, but, for one thing, it has too small an audience to drive news coverage.

miguel cervantes wrote:

Now CNN and
AIR America TV has violated ‘Godwin’s law’

Excuse me, but how would you know? Do you watch CNN or MSNBC? Do you have examples not just of them making comparisons, but, and this is essential and central to the point Stewart was making, of one of their stars fiercely and self-righteously denying that anyone has done so?


Al Qaeda Populating U.S. With Peaceful 'Decoy Muslims'

@ miguel cervantes:
The solution to what, exactly?

@ miguel cervantes:
If you want to turn the conversation back to the sum and substance of Paul Ryan, you'll have to do better than that.

I think Megyn is probably totally honest, and capable of being so because she's totally brainwashed by her own defensive self-righteousness, something like O'Reilly in that respect, and like many of their viewers.

Schizo-effective is good, since such as Megyn seem so schizo, and are obviously effective on their own terms, and probably produce schizo-mimetic effects in their viewership, but right-thinking people will think you meant "schizo-affective" which doesn't really describe them, I don't think - you can look it up...

fuster wrote:

what does Air America have to do with anything?

That was a joke. "Air America TV" would be MSNBC, as though it's the only alternative to Fox, and as though we can all safely assume, on the basis of no evidence, that they're comparable to Fox in some relevant way.

I'm sure that migs just wanted to show how "“it may be bullshit, but it’s our bullshit" works, or doesn't, in practice.

@ Scott Miller:
He ran a Round Two with O'Reilly last night - and, all things considered, was quite gentle, but firm. The problem, of course, is that Megyn Kelly can stare right into the camera with all of her fierce prettiness and really seem to believe her own bullshit. She really doesn't seem to believe that anyone on Fox goes Nazi on their enemies. She is dead solid certain of it, and a little upset that anyone could believe anything else.

Looking at her makes me think of the few times I've had to deal with authentically insane people in my life - schizophrenics and others. I don't think she's schizophrenic, or maybe she's professionally schizophrenic - drops into "mode." But it's still scary to me. I can barely access the mental space I had to be in to watch that stuff all day long - "it may be be bullshit, but it's our bullshit, and our bullshit's better than their bullshit, dammit." Nowadays, I can't stand it all, except in pre-digested form.

This kind of thing easily makes up for their occasional muffs:

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I thought he meant the century that began with Columbus sailing the ocean blue and ended with the disappearance of the Roanoke colony.

Amusingly, to me, John Stewart focused on the second passage on the Daily Show, and he, or his writers, completely missed the difference between Ryan's definition of government and a liberal-left view - which expands upon "promote the general welfare" and "secure the blessings..." in a way that goes far beyond a mere safety net, and asks, and began asking more and more insistently during the Progressive Era, whether narrow constitutionalism was sufficient to those ends.