Comments on Paul Rayn by miguel cervantes

Ok, that's just funny right there, however one is reminded due to her coverage of Indonesia in the early 90s, that the events in Cairo, are
much more like those that toppled Suharto

It prints the press releases of the Cuban government, and the erstwhile Tikriti mob, that presented it self as a government, it's traded away, any trace of self respect it ever had, and yet it's not
as insane as the Soros project, MSNBC, so it comes across very

Hopkins gets possessed in the end, as I understand it. Now CNN and
AIR America TV has violated 'Godwin's law' so aggresively as to defy
logic, so epic fail, now Beck has gone into common ideological fixations
of the progressives vis a vis classic liberals, that's something different

Yes, let us pretend that light rail and green energy are the solution, which bucket of ergot are you sampling from?

I feel like I'm in one of Scott's alternate realities from a Slider's spec script, Ryan is calling for some sanity in budgetary policy, but like the late R.D. Laing, the sane must be pronounced insane, or something to that effect

I would say Megyn is much more sober than O'Reilly, by a long mile, She did the best interview of that popinjay Sheriff Dupnik for one

Schultz, Maddow, now Uygur, Senator Franken, the whole Mos Eiseley
crowd. Mind you Fox is an inperfect vehicle, (Shemp, Geraldo Riviera
Huckabee,) O'Reilly doesn't impress a great deal either.

Yes, because Air America TV is so rational, sans Olbermann, and the John Candy impersonator in Ed Schultz

No, I don't Stewart has been one of the largest culprits in making the nutroots, and Journolist idiocy, more than Kilbourne, who already had
taken out the patent on incivility, recall the crosshairs on W, hardy har har,

Contrariry to their rep, Scott, they really aren't that smart over there