Comments on Paul Rayn by Scott Miller

CK MacLeod wrote:

Anyone would impose a “frame” on events, just be selecting from among them.

Even Amy Goodman? Say it so.

@ CK MacLeod:
I actually have a bigger problem with CNN than Fox News. What happens on Fox News is obviously just about entertainment. I realize there are millions of people taking it seriously, but no one with an once of discernment could possibly think it's a real newscast. CNN on the other hand presents as real. Sometimes it actually does report the news. But it also creates it. Even now, Wolf B is stirring up the energy it takes to get a full blown war going in Egypt. Again, say what you want about Michael Moore, but he is the only one calling CNN on its manipulative ways.

Colin should counter with a fake trailer of The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins. It could feature Megyn Kelly playing a possessed girl name Megan and her head could spin around every time she said something about Fox people never calling anyone Nazis.

fuster wrote:

listen to cops testifying and being cross-examined

I would do that if I were researching schizo-effective disorders.

fuster wrote:

nd the correct term is lying for dollars

That's the "effective" part. In my days in Hollywood, I never met anyone who was a good enough liar to just lie on that level without there being some kind of matching mental disorder behind it.

CK MacLeod wrote:

I don’t think she’s schizophrenic, or maybe she’s professionally schizophrenic

I think the psychological term you're looking for is schizo-effective. I think that's how it's spelled.
Maybe I should change my name to Hardy Har Har. What do you think?

miguel cervantes wrote:

hardy har har

I like that part. Hardy har har. Is that how it's spelled? Not that it matters, but I'm going to use that one again. It's even just fun to write...hardy har har...especially without any punctiation, it's freaky looking in a good way. Thanks for the reprisal, migs.

I tried again and did get to view the video. Wow. I know it's a mistake to go there, but miggs? Come on. Doesn't that video resinate with what CK's been trying to help you understand? Can't you budge just a little?

@ CK MacLeod:
I was unable to view it, but I bet it was funny. He's been hugely funny and right on most of the time. His humorous criticism of Obama (some right to his face) has been particularly apt and in the right measure. Like everyone else, Stewart has his prejudices and because he's so funny those prejudices are well hidden.

I just watched the Daily Show repeat and you are so right. The writers completely blew it. What Rayn said may link up with Stewart's personal Dem vision, (slanted in according with his financial and racial biases), but it certainly wasn't something a democrat would say.

fuster wrote:

no that’s the one that started with the indigs winning, then King George losing and climaxed at Gettysburg and Ford’s Theater.

Got it.

@ fuster:
Is that the one when we were wiping out all the indigenous people?