mmmmI'm a bit skeptical about the "important" part of that observation...

@ fuster:
Who told her that?

@ fuster:
When we meet again,
introduced as friends,
please don't let on...

@ fuster:

Actually rather a motley group, bloggers and commenters, though skewed toward anti-Zionism overall, especially the loudest and angriest voices.

Have had some good exchanges, and some typical internet exchanges.

But you're one to talk about hanging out in "creepy" places. When are you going to have gryphon, katy, and tigerlily over to your place for tea and flies?

At least the interviewee didn't take the bait. There are a couple of people at that site who were going just the opposite direction - a post with "bloodbath" in the title had to be dialed back to "bloodshed."