Comments on WWRD? – maybe decline to take Mubarak’s call by miguel cervantes

You know I'm just a mere Castillian scribe, but how do they miss this is related to that wikileaks cable from some weeks back;

King Abdullah of Jordan has just taken the remarkable step of firing his powerful head of General Intelligence in the middle of a major regional -- and potentially domestic -- crisis. Nabil Ghishan, a Jordanian journalist, explains in al-Hayat that the reason for the firing of Mukhabarat head Mohammed al-Thahbi was his role in a controversial rapprochement with Hamas over the last few months. Presumably his replacement, Mohammed Raqad -- whose prior assignment was in the northern city of Irbid -- will have fewer ideas about outreach to Hamas. But more broadly, the move suggests a panic at the heart of the Hashemite establishment over the ramifications of the spiraling Gaza crisis. It's no accident that King Abdullah and Queen Rania have been urgently calling for Israel to "end the violence immediately", even as fellow pro-U.S. autocrats in Cairo and Riyadh hedge in anticipation of Hamas taking damage. There is no way for Jordan to stay on the sidelines of an Israeli-Palestinian crisis - and this one may prove more dangerous than others.

It's an inperfect fit, Suharto was swept out after thirty plus years, in the aftermath of the great Asian collapse of '97, they had similar records of human rights abuses, (East Timor, was the exception) one would think the Phillipines offers the most clear positive parallel, I don't think General Suleiman is going for it though.

Well I'm focusing on the People Power element, that was common to ESDA and this situation, which Wolfowitz, when he was at Defense,
supported, and continues to support.

That's the more optimistic take, on things, as is the Phillipines, which
the Czar has pointed some parallels.