Comments on On avoiding writing about Israel by miguel cervantes

They do have a point, however, the coverage on Al Jazeera, has been better than most, including Fox for the most part, with the gibbering Shemp, in this crisis.

Well, they thoroughly miss the point, Rand is pretty much against all foreign aid, events in Egypt probably haven't improved his outlook,
Giraldi represents the sticky edge of the isolationist wicket, where
even Buchanan won't tread anymore, Now if one wanted to make an argument, one might think the phasing out of our foreign aid committments might give the Russians (as they were for a better
part of a decade in Egypt, and longer in Yemen, and Syria) an advantage. But one doesn't get their martyrdom claims, that way.

No, he really doesn't and he ought to know that Giraldi's position makes
Pat Buchanan's seem 'warm and cuddly'. Now if he wanted to make a point about how reduction in foreign aid, might liberate the Israeli economy, that's another matter. It's strange when Asharq is sometimes
more reasonable then the Atlantic, causing Greeley, to pitch a violent
fit, from the great beyond.