Comments on Revolutionary Messianic Thought for the Day by miguel cervantes

We have the Heat down here, which is kind of primer in existencialism, why for the love of god, 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here'

That was a good episode in a fine arc in the series though Scott,

don't you think and it deals with many of the themes we've discuss here over the years. The Mars Rebellion in particular is rather 'timely
in it's own way

So tell us, Colin, is the 'wonderful democratic revolution' just around the corner, what Mark Lloyd espouses in the best tradition of Zinoviev.
This time we'll get it right, I do agree on your final point, however the
desire to quantify everything, leaves out the spiritual (or non corporeal
realm) as it were, Marx, Freud, and Darwin, turns us to just the primal
animal nature, and leaves not room for that other element, the soul

The difference is that between Lockean and Rousseauan revolutions,
the former meant to amplify the institutional bases, along Bourgeois
elements, and this transformative notion that foundered in France,
Russia, Cuba, et al, which tries to create a 'new man' that doesn't work, it more often than not leads to bloodshed. The only way, the
Egypt example is operative, is if their was a third force that challenged
both Fatah and Hamas, that is yet to be seen,