and again, the Arab League will vote against military intervention in Libya.

@ miguel cervantes:

miggs, which great power and Security Council member has been most involved with Gaddafi and Libya in the last couple of years?

miggs, I think that it ill-serves US interests to set up a military mission against Libya when the public calls for us to do so are coming only from the ex-colonial powers.

When the Arabs publicly ask for our aid, might be a different story.

@ CK MacLeod:

what had you for lunch today?

@ miguel cervantes:

miggs, I doubt that the Tsar would be impressed by Dyer's finally taking a totally tiny first step away from Beck
she's has been an absolute groupie for that clown and has gone with him and down on her knees trying to ignore Beck's bullsh1rt and bigotry.

I suspect that the blatant anti-Semitism with Soros has moved her whereas race-baiting Obama never did.

Now that the Tsar understands that you were calling attention to Dyer's demurral. I'm certain that he'll be pleased.

@ CK MacLeod:

not only smarter but a better writer and certainly shaves more often.

CK MacLeod wrote:

So what?

I got your so what ..........

@ CK MacLeod:

and I'm a contrary old pain in the ass. Dyer is Dyer and absolutely out to lunch about Obama. First thing I remember her saying about him was during the time when Somali pirates were holding hostage an American
Dyer predicted that Obama would micro-manage the Navy, hamstring them with his pinko/ Negroid concerns that the Democratic Party "base" wouldn't like it if their African brothers weren't respectfully negotiated with, and get the the American killed or stuck in a hole until Obama would agree to pay ransom.

When the Seals popped the pirates and freed the guy...... all she talked about was the Navy.

this time, Tsar, blind chicken that she is, she's got a kernel.

Nah, Dyer just thinks that if you're gonna say “I’m going to shoot you if you take another step”, it's bestest and most effectivest to actually be carrying your shotgun. Just having a lot of them someplace ain't always all that efficacious-like.

Obama's rebuking a mad dog that's clawing to stay on top and probably alive.
That don't much signify in this situation.