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Well that's not really surprising is it, they know' there by the grace of God, go I"

Think the chaos of Somalia, in the 90s, but with oil, that's what we're
trying to avoid, with alternate power centers in the old regions of Tripolitana and Cyrenaica, among others

I thought you might concur, silly moi:

I’m sure you hear the “but” coming, however. Since the unrest erupted in the Middle East last month, he has devoted more and more time to focusing on the links between the political networks of the Left, some of the radical Islamist groups, and George Soros, whom Beck calls “Spooky Dude.” And my point about this is not that the links don’t exist. It’s that there is nothing politically new, significant, or terribly interesting about them. Given the trends of history, we should expect two things: first, that such links probably do exist; but second, that they are not the manifestations or agents of a shadowy conspiracy with the power to shape our destiny. Nor are they necessary to explain what’s going on in the Middle East.

What I see in Beck’s analysis of the unrest in the Middle East is a deficit of historical perspective. He has become self-taught in American political history, but I’m not sure he has ever read Thucydides – to take just one of the more familiar examples – or, indeed, any of the other writers from the Western classical heritage whose works high school students used to sample and college students used to study in depth. A single swing through Peloponnesian War is good for all the political “types” we have ever seen in Western history; one can’t read it and remain unenlightened about the recurrence of “George Soros,” Bolshevism, labor politics, and corrupt ward-heeling in their various incarnations across time.

Do we have to remind, that Shah, like Mubarak was a longtime ally, hence the concern over the latter's prompt removal, which hasn't really been assuaged, totally. The fall of the Tunisian government
also hovers over these circumstances. as does the upcoming events
of March 11th

Ah, no Colin, no we wouldn't have, Muammar is a disreputable sort of the lowest order. but 'Motown Night' with Sheryl Crow and Nick Jonas, priorities you know, now the unidentified staffer, one of the Rhodes/MacDonough/Powers triumvirate, shouldn't speak out of turn so readily.