Comments on Bachmann Turnouter Overdrive by fuster

@ CK MacLeod:

I don't even remotely think that i could name a serious candidate for the R's.

But I usually cannot. I mentioned Reagan as a way of pointing out that a serious candidate isn't a requirement for victory.

Did anyone think 2000 Bush a serious candidate?

I sorta think that Reagan for sure and the other clown probably won because folks couldn't bring themselves to go the other way.

oh, hosreapples for "it's not a serious party" those same clowns have been in running the Big House more than they've not in my lifetime.

it's a year too soon to tell what might happen in the election.

2010 was unlikely in the extreme in 2008.

hell, it's still near-to-impossible to believe that Ronald Fucking Reagan was elected president.

@ CK MacLeod:

They already have a fighting chance, don't they?

The thing will turn on what the average voter things conditions are and are likely to be. If things seem lousy and look to stay lousy, Obama has no great accomplishment at which to point nor any reserve of great respect from which to ask for another term.