@ Scott Miller:
aw, shucks.

CK MacLeod wrote:

there is no Muslim, there is no American, there is no atheist, there is no Buddhist, there is no Hindu,

sorta ......... What Hindus, which Muslims ?

here's your dime back

that ain't pudding
that ain't pie

@ Scott Miller:

it would be an awful thing to tamper with the brilliance and beauty Plant's lyrics, Scott.

damned if I ever heard that song before.

there was no opportunity , you auto-opportunist!

I look at all you human beings and while you may all look alike, you smell different and make different croaking sounds, nest in differently decorated places, and are generally stupid enough to act in such madcap manner as to give great meaning to the idea that there are major differences.

there are few things as powerful as a really unreal idea.

see Art, Sacreligious

@ CK MacLeod:

I understood what you said and what you meant.

Scott Miller wrote:

Not that any of that has to do with CK’s point.

There is no point.

@ Scott Miller:

have a RCC and see CCR

There is no Christian, there is no Muslim, there is no American, there is no atheist, there is no Buddhist, there is no Hindu, there is no Sikh, there is no nihilist, there is no anyone else.

Most anyone else would say otherwise.

In NYC, we used to have a melting pot till we got a beautiful mosiac that we tire of re-tiling and cover with a crazy quilt.

@ CK MacLeod:

The Tsar, as he's been several times advised, needs to cut back on some of his bad influences.

when actual human beings actually say 'no solution' to a problem, they usually mean that there is a problem and that any of the possible contemplated solutions for it is not non-existent, but merely far from hand.

sorta like when you're scuba diving and really want a cigarette.

the reality is that you can have one, and you can even smoke it, but it's just not gonna happen real soon.

mrs fuster likes to look at shit. that and fingernails. she says that if she examines those things, she can get a pretty decent idea of the owner's digestion and general health.

I suspect that the Tsar could probably write a description of shit that would be good enough for her to work from.

you surely can write.

To stand by the claim of “no solution” would be the same as claiming that there is no problem – that the problem is no problem at all, but reality itself.

This MUST stop. It's a problem.