Comments on May Day Report by CK MacLeod

@ Scott Miller:
Though I agree with you about ZR. Real revelation for me and a lot of other people I assume, even though I used to watch his previous editions from time to time.

I had thought there'd be a strong chance that the Grizz would just rest on their laurels and get blown away by OKC.

@ Scott Miller:
Idunno... I might have agreed with you up until today... but when James and Wade are playing at the top of their games and together... they do some pretty amazing things... like the court's too small for them...

@ fuster:

At this point, despite remnant jinxious superstitions, I don't see how it can harm the project to reveal details such as the above.

At the appropriate time, depending upon what level of disappointment I face and how inflicted and sustained, I'll probably take the opportunity to say much, much more than anyone could possibly want to hear, and make you sorry to have asked for it.

One way or another, it seems it'll be time for the long-awaited ch-ch-ch-changes at this here thing, which seeming is the main justification for my saying as much as I've said so far.