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"Yippie-ki-yay, motherf?

who's Minneapolis playing?

Tsar, you think we're gonna see Slater address Hamas' reaction to the hit on bin Laden?

@ CK MacLeod:

even more fun is that the wrong side is always the one that most Americans view as the right one.
same argument as how we were in the wrong side because we were allied with Stalin against a german nation that was a little extreme but was facing a terrible threat.

Hamas' leadership in Syria refuses to make any statement about the struggle going on there and is reportedly shopping for housing in an entirely new location.

Might be a bit of truth to the idea that the timing of the signing of the agreement with the PA was the result of pressure from and need to appease the Arabs at the expense of their Iranian big brother.

we need to send out miggs, our MoundoAshhole correspondent to get the word on how Hamas has a right to condemn the killing because Gaza is encircled.