Comments on America’s Least Needed by fuster

@ miguel cervantes:

If you mean that Howard's background would cause him to abstain from race-baiting, I can't figure out the source of his failure, either.

If you mean that Obama engages in race-baiting, I kinda would like you to point to some instances of it, if you can.

I suspect that you won't be able to find much, but really, really , really want you to try.

oh, and don't make too much of JED's bullshit here. When I read Hot Air, she always was leaving a comment trying to find something nice to say for Howard. Usually she was alone in that.
I thought of it as a pity funk sorta thing.

It's almost impossible to believe that Howard could write anything other than nonsense about black people, given his level of fear and loathing. He was writing the same shit when here in former days.

His fear doesn't allow him to see much detail and he can't get past viewing Obama as some black street thug out to kill Howard's fellow honkies.
He ends his piece with his usual shit-smearing and ankle-biting