Comments on Anti-Israeli Pro-Israelism by bob

Then there's this

@ CK MacLeod:

It’s hard for me to see what one would be seek though such invocation other than some stamp of the good...

Protection, validation come to mind ie contingent "goods/gods" that are the basis for the "irreducible" ie abstract beyond the real if not the Real.

Looking at #8 just as I posted it, I was I had written "Certainly a god death...". Maybe I should have left it like that.

@ CK MacLeod:

Certainly a good death is a common religious goal, but I stand by my assertion that it's a "rare enough event" especially as defined by Scott, which I took to add an element of generous sacrifice beyond the usual meaning.

If you redefine Scott's definition, then of course, new directions of analysis open up.

In any event, expecting a some kind of higher death of others, is still I think prone (maybe not inevetalbly) to a kind of judgemental fundamentalism that we see to much of.

@ Scott Miller:

I did take your reply as a "serious joke". That also was my intention, although perhaps poorly executed.

@ Scott Miller:

"dying the right way"

A rare enough event in any case. Expecting it of oneself is quite an undertaking - a rigorous death. Expecting it of others is at best an irony best left to karma.

Good piece Colin

The sum total of the meaning of the WSJ piece, and of the GOP's reaction to O's speech is encapsulated in the ending sentence (fragment) "Assuming of course he gets one" (second term).

Defeating O is now more important to the GOP than advancing US interests or ensuring Israel's security. Helping the Pals isn't even in the equation.