And yes, I am reporting you to the FBI. I intend to ruin your life.

Why does it have to be "far right"? Why not just "gutter-political claims"?

Of course, Obama doesn't show that his heart is in defending America. This is no secret.

I notice you're not commenting on MacLeod's adoption of "neoconservative" as an all-purpose insult. Neoconservatives were liberals who became conservatives while maintaining their liberal goals. None of this describes Douglas Feith or Seth Cropsey, both of whom are lifelong Republicans.

I suggest that you look at some of CK MacLeod's old columns from Hot Air. You might then realize how much he has changed. My impression is that he's kind of a weird solitary dude desperately searching for friends on the Internet, and eager to please anyone who will fill the hole in his head heart.

I'm sending some of your genocidal Communist fantasy posts to Hot Air.

"Bush Era neoconservative unilateralism"? "Far right gutter-political claims"?

Damn, last time I was here you were claiming that the Tea Party had disappointed you by not being "progressive" (progressive meaning those who want 1960 tax rates and 1700 technology (no fossil fuels! no nukes!).

You realize have gone over the far-left bend, haven't you? What a weird, pathetic freak.