Perfect. That's it.

Red is pretty.
I tried to transfer a red square that I like here, but failed.

@ CK MacLeod:
Funny typo "read" pamphlet in the middle of a sentence about typewriting. Red is what I meant.

@ CK MacLeod:
That's what I was thinking about Levinas Love and blogging. Naturally, you articulated it in a way that I see as perfect.
And while I'm back here, faceless and all, I was wondering. In respect to the cover of our yoga bible, what do think of it looking kind of like a communist manifesto. Would it be stupid and or pretentious for it to be just a read pamphlet looking thing with typewriter font for the titling? Maybe typewriter font all the way through the main text?
Then I could be wearing a little communist cap for the author picture.
I'm serious. Maybe not about the cap, but the rest of it.

If my quotes are going to be made into an actually produced movie, I want the following info put out there:
I have some neighbors--call and Charlie...yeah...actually it has to be Jackie and Charlie--who agreed to pay half of the cost of a new fence. After it was put up, they didn't pay. After a few months, I wanted to put up a sign on their side of the fence that read, "Do your grandchildren know you stole this fence?" But I couldn't do that because maybe they're telling the truth about how they've been close to losing their house to foreclosure. I hate it when what the government let happen in respect to real estate loan mortgaging ends up turning neighbor against neighbor. Besides, even if they are Republicans, it's not like Dems are always honest. It's just that Charlie is a contractor, sort of, and can build things and if he didn't want to or couldn't pay for half of the fence, he could have offered to build it himself. The idea of a new fence was his to begin with. Now the bill for the war, I mean fence, has come home to roost and now he suddenly doesn't care about paying his bills.

And is the movie going to be called Blog? That would go nicely with what you wrote about "There’s an argument for seeking the most boring blog name possible, or, if you can wing it, a name that’s both boring and obscure. That’s hard and rare, because the obscure is always a little bit interesting, but, then again, so’s the boring. It’s just how things are. You think you’ve found the most perfectly utterly banal stupid observation – on the bubbles in your toilet bowl – and the mere fact of your attention reverses it into something somewhat interestingly boring, if not necessarily very interestingly boring."
First you write Drive. Then you write Blog.

Okay. After reading a little Levinas, I'm interested in if and how loving the Other is newly expressed through blogging. Are we doing something different? Are we loving differently here? How does the hatred expressed so easily (you commie fantasizer) here affect loving the Other? Is this some kind of end to what Levinas thought of as human? Or a new beginning? Or what?

Oh, and I particularly loved your Levinas subtitle, (Who could ask for anything more). My thought was, "No way, that can't possibly be the real subtitle, it's too perfect." Then you admit to it being yours. Nicely done.

You're the Tsar. Nice of you to ask, but I always knew that we were part of an experiment you were conducting. Do you want us to change our avatars and names? If so, you'll have to take me through the process again. And I think Miggs should have to choose an avatar.
This was my favorite post of yours for many reasons. First, it would be great if you wrote it and none of what you were saying about the secret project was true. That would be really great. Second, I like the writer emphasis. Instead of dealing with politics so much, you should be like a modern day William Safire.
What I envision is you being William Safire, but more like Thomas Wolfe, because you can't go blog again. We kick you out for using all of our stuff in a movie. We hate you even though you've just used our comments and we can't claim that you've misrepresented us. Of course, I would be the most heart-broken, and I'd want to let you come blog again, but I can't. Because...fuck you...yes...fuck you is the simplest way to put it.