Comments on Self, Portrait by fuster

bob wrote:

But I can’t control what Scott would show up in any mask.

Hell, you can't control what Scott might show up anywhere.
For all you know, legions of winged Scott's are now flapping their leathery way to Vestal looking to snatch the first pair of ruby slippers in sight.

(have a care that one of them passing o'erhead doesn't drip a yoga puddle on you)

bob wrote:

Just displacing frustration from other things onto Scott.

just cause it's displaced don't mean it's misplaced.

perhaps your display of interest might indicate a willingness on your part to craft a mask for Scott in place of what the Tsar says he's reluctant to face

can one find fulfillment in a lobster role?

@ bob:

Aw, c'mon Bob.....If Scott isn't ready for his close-up quite yet, what's the harm? DeMille will just hafta wait.

@ Scott Miller:

It was a different frog that pointed out that most of mankind's troubles are caused by an inability to sit quietly.

if people ever learned. they would find that many a tasty snack would come to buzzing right over to them.

yes, the journey to nowear begins with but less than a single step

jes kant reason yer way to purity.

I may look like Robert the diaper bag
But I feel just like Jesse James

Long ago and far away, when people were still young and full of self-regard, i had a friend so utterly without vanity that he would never ever ever gaze at flesmih in a mirror. shaved without using one.

Scott, that’s image is extremely lovely…. and so you.

Burros going down MacLeod’s crack, deep into his dimple could have come from no one else.

here's a phone number should there be a problem going the other way

I say avoid the problem and use the medusa photo as a default option for Scott's current author photo.

or maybe one of you, him and another guy.